The Base​

The base is made to fit on top of cups and mugs as narrow as 60mm up to 115mm wide. 

How to brew coffee

Fill with your favorite coffee, pour in hot water, and steep. That's it! 

The Funnel Wedge 
The wedge fits the filter in place with a strong grip. The top of this piece also acts as a funnel for an easy mess free fill. 

Product Information 

How to assemble a filter "inverted method"

​1. Place the funnel onto the plunger

2. Center the filter over the plunger

3. Firmly press the base down until it seats onto the funnel

The Plunger
The plunger pushes the basket filter through the base. It also gives the filter a cylinder shape allowing it to fit in most cups. The cavity in the plunger holds up to 60 grams of coffee grinds. Grind your beans at home and take it with you. TRIKL™ is perfect for a coffee drinker on the go!  
TRIKL™ - A Customizable Single Serving Experience

This clever device shapes and holds your ordinary everyday basket style coffee filter in suspension over your cup or mug. All you need to do is fill the filter with your favorite ground coffee and add hot water.