Proud to be made 100% in USA

Not only have we decided to work with 100% US manufacturers and suppliers, we are motivated to work with other small and local businesses. Throughout the process of developing our first product, and taking it to market, we have kept our entire production near us here in Southern California. This has also helped to insure the best quality in our product. 

Our coffee filter supplier is also a small business here in the USA. They are a manufacturer who makes high quality paper filters including the type that work perfect with the TRIKL brewing system. 

AFS Product Design and its team has positively impacted more than 1,000 US jobs while in its development of the TRIKL product. 

Our Story

Here at AFS Product Design, we are constantly looking to invent or improve products to satisfy consumer needs. Typically any idea we come up with is tested conceptually and physically. We are willing to solve any problem!    

Since 2014 our main focus has been on coffee related products. When diving into this adventure we noticed right away there needed to be a better solution for single serve coffee. The most obvious issues being cost of disposable k-cups/pods and plastic waste they generated. Reusable filter cups are the closest substitution but they pose their own problems too (hard to clean, poor filtration etc…).  

At first, like most inventors, we tried to modify the coffee machine or the coffee cups or pods that go into the single serve machines. While doing this, we stumbled on a concept we call “sieve brewing.” We took the magic of brewing out of the machine and into the mug! Thus TRIKL™ was born.